Dear darling Darcy,

Im not going to lie, I don’t think Ive thought about you since the day you were born with out welling up.  You see toots, I knew from the minute that I heard you were going to be born that you were going to be special but I had no idea just how special, not until I met you for the first time.  You were sound asleep in your moses basket, all wrapped up and cosy,  big beautiful cheeks and pouty lips.  I fell in love with you instantly, every one that met you did.  Que the big ploppy tears on my part.  Partly because I was so relieved that you’d finally arrived safe and sound and partly because I was so proud of your mummy and daddy for bringing something so amazing into the world and into our family.

So now your adventure begins and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you.

Your going to do amazing things baby girl and we’ll all be right behind you…..most likely crying big ploppy proud tears, its a Forbes trait Im afraid 😉

All my love, always always

Aunty Lynz xx
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